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Crayon Collection is partnering with artist volunteers who work with children to provide a curriculum of art education using reallocated crayons. The artist rotates every few months, giving children access to a wide variety of art expression.

The curriculum will take crayons to another level beyond just coloring. Renowned artists Kenny Scharf and Annie Lapin are just two of the the first artists to support Crayon Collection's Art in Education objective. They will design and implement interesting projects using these gently used crayons. This artistic mentoring process will add a deeper level of art education using a resource (crayon) that otherwise would have been trash.

Crayon Collection Art in Education

An Art Therapist shared that art classes teach children so much more than just art. These classes teach them to respect others, start dialogues, experiment with materials, observe, find their voice, self-evaluate, make connections, express themselves, learn from their mistakes, clean up, reflect on their work, embrace diversity, persevere, have an opinion, appreciate beauty, break away from stereotypes, envision solutions, value aesthetics, see another point of view, develop fine motor skills and innovate. With crayon supplies and artist mentors, thousands of American children will have the opportunity to be exposed to these greater benefits from art expression.

Crayon Collection Artist Inspiration Series

Yassi Mazandi

Project: Self Portrait/Animal
Level: Preschool

Artist Yassi Mazandi's project creates a unique self portrait! By drawing a half human / half animal self portrait kids draw from their imagination exploring endless possibilities of the self.

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Herb Williams

Project: Color Nesting
Level: Preschool

"Color nesting," a technique created by Herb Williams, is inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, Christo, Mondrian, and Thoreau. It encourages students to unplug and spend time interacting with nature.

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Victoria Fu

Project: Alphabet Soup
Level: Kindergarten

This project is designed for Kindergarten-aged children, as this is the time that they are learning about letter recognition, shapes, sizes, and color.

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Annie Lapin

Project: Newspaper Shapes
Level: Pre-Kindergarten

In this project children will practice their letter recognition within a body of text.

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Crayon Collection Art Education Program

Crayon Collection Art Education Program is an approved core curriculum arts program that was developed for teachers to make connections to the work they are already doing and to incorporate new ideas for teachers and students within the context of their current curriculum using crayons as the main tool of expression. Please click on your grade below to learn more.

Watch as Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.