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The Crayon Collection is the picture of a healthy community – where everyone benefits from the giving and receiving of resources – in this case, a crayon. The circle of eco-mindedness and waste reduction further works together to support communities, families and children.

Crayon Collection Green Efforts

Imagine a family of four, eating dinner at a local restaurant. The children are given a paper placement and menu, along with a box of 4 crayons. They color for a few minutes, then enjoy their dinner, and leave virtually unused crayons on the table. Eight crayons left behind, previously thrown away before The Crayon Collection’s intervention.

Billions of crayons are produced each year, and many end up in our landfills. These petroleum-derived crayons can take years – even decades to decompose. Meanwhile, U.S. teachers in underfunded public schools are spending an average of $750 of their own income per year on supplies for their classrooms.

With Crayon Collection's program of connecting partner restaurants with underfunded schools, we are making a conscious cultural shift from waste to re-use. This lesson of eco-mindedness is part of the Crayon Collection’s vision for program recipients, as well as the restaurant partners. Maybe that same family of four feels obliged to take the eight crayons home, recognizing that they were barely used and they don’t want to waste them. Crayon Collection can also speak to that family’s strong desire to reduce waste. In turn, the family can teach their children about the impact of waste on our environment, this practical application to reduce waste, the opportunity to reuse a valuable resource, and the powerful connection that their children are helping other children. We are using the crayon as an example of a much broader lesson.