Our Mission

The Crayon Collection mission is to inspire a commitment to environmental consciousness and the infusion of art education in underfunded schools.

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The Crayon Collection model is simple but our impact is extraordinary: by collecting gently used crayons from restaurants and hotels that distribute free crayons to children when they dine, in addition to community-based collection efforts, we intervene in a cycle of waste that has existed for decades. We save an extraordinary tool of expression, curiosity and learning – the crayon - and redistribute them to local schools in need across the country. Our programming ensures millions of crayons are saved from landfills each year and are instead repurposed for teachers and students, along with best in class resources to support art education. And at the heart of our work is a desire to create a global movement for change, a new "eco-normal" consciousness that is mindful of the environment and nearby communities in need. Through the simple act of saving a crayon we seek to reignite art programs in Amercian schools, engage a national audience to be stewards of their community and the environment, and create a new sustainability model.

our programs

Green Efforts:
Crayon Recycling Program

Through our Crayon Recycling Program, we establish partnerships with national restaurant and hotel chains that distribute free crayons to children when they dine. Instead of throwing these crayons away after each meal, we establish a collection process for each location and ensure these gently used crayons are donated to a local school in need.

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Arts Education

We understand it is more than just a crayon – it is a powerful tool of expression to support learning, development, creativity and imagination in the hands of young minds. So in order to supplement the free crayons we donate to Head Start Programs and Title 1 elementary schools, we invest significant resources in our Arts in Education program, which supports the Art Inspiration and Artist Rotation initiatives.

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Color Kindness Picture

Color Kindness Program

The Color Kindness Program is our newest program! We ask kids to write kindness notes to other kids. The notes are given along with the donated crayons. These crayons are a huge gift to the kids receiving them and when they see a positive note from another child they feel connected. Both the kid writing the note benefits from giving this creativity and love and the recipient is thrilled to receive this as well.


what's happening now

Kenny Scharf, Artist

Kenny ScharfKids need color. Provide them with something as simple as some crayons and some paper and you provide an outlet for them to explore their imagination which is so important because for some kids thats all they have.