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In Honor of National Crayon Day, Crayon Collection Seeks National Support

March 2016

The Crayon Collection is asking for help from individuals all over the country to donate to its largest national crayon drive on today, National Crayon Day.

Huffington Post

How Crayons Are Helping Our Planet and Not Just Our Minds

April 2016 group that really stood out to me, as they have had even

Huffington Post

This Crayon Recycling Program Is Enhancing Arts Programs In Schools

April 2016

Watch Morovati explain the inspiration for her organization and how donating crayons to schools is enhancing their arts programs.


How Your Used Crayons Can Help Schools in Need

April 2016

On Thursday, March 31, The Crayon Collection needs your help with a national crayon drive and bake sale.


Four simple but awesome ways a mom uses old crayons to improve the world.

February 2016

The Crayon Collection shows the world how valuable used crayons can be to the lives of children.