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Future Philanthropists

Crayon Collection

Future Eco-Minded Youth

Crayon Collection provides an opportunity for communities with higher affluence to distribute resources to children in lower income schools, maybe just a few miles away. Learning social responsibility from a young age, the children from affluence are able to be involved with reallocating the crayons they receive while at a restaurant by donating them to their school’s collection bin, and choosing which nearby school to donate them to. This action allows children to experience the joy of an act of generosity to another child in need. It also provides an opportunity to see that there is another norm beyond their reality. That many children do not have even 1 crayon, meanwhile we are throwing away hundreds of millions of like-new crayons per year. This only proves to the child that there is no need to waste not only for the sake of the children in need but also for the sake of the environment. Many children who learn about this say "But that makes no sense! Why would anyone throw away perfectly good crayons?" This is when they become empowered and impassioned to make a difference and you can truly see children light up and become Crayon Collectino ambassadors in their neighborhood/school

Social Change

It is never too early to learn about our connection to each other, crossing social and economic lines, and understanding the circle of need and support from one person to another. By reallocating gently used crayons from restaurants, even very young children can begin to learn about needs of other children nearby who would benefit from this resource. They can begin to learn about scarcity of resources and abundance, and how they can work together to shift towards equality. Additionally, both parents and children can feel a sense of joy through the giving of crayons versus seeing them thrown away or taken home to join the other hundreds of crayons already there.

Project Giving Kids Partnership

Project Giving Kids

Connecting Kids to Causes

We have partnered with Project Giving Kids to help inspire kids to take part in the Crayon Collection and become future philanthropists.

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