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By creating a small shift in your operations you can make a huge difference in the lives of children and make a big impact on the environment.

Step 1:

Engage your team to participate by separating the clean crayons from the rest of the meal remnants. Placing the crayons in a clean container while clearing the table is an easy way to do this. Here's a 15 second video that shows you how easy it is.
Click here to watch video.

Step 2:

We recommend placing a bin or a bag in a dry space in the back of your restaurant so that your team members can drop the collected crayons after clearing the tables.

Step 3:

Once this bin is full you can donate the crayons to a local school in need of supplies. OR, Crayon Collection can help you find a local Title 1 school or Head Start center to pick up the crayons for their classrooms. Email us at info@crayoncollection.org

Step 4: