23 December 2019

Playdate With a Purpose

Crayon Collection Santa Monica

For the holiday breaks Crayon Collection invited families in to the Crayon Collection office in Santa Monica to volunteer from December 2018 to January 2019. Kids and friends were happy to volunteer in a “Playdate with a Purpose” at the Crayon Collection Office for the holidays. Many families from neighboring schools like Cassidy Preschool and Paul Revere Charter Middle School were excited to get the chance to sort and pack the crayons their schools had collected.

Children enjoyed watching our Million Crayon Video and checking out our office which is filled with many cool crayon sculptures and artwork. Parents enjoyed a cup of coffee or tea while teaching children the importance of volunteer work and the impact of local philanthropy. Both kids and parents alike could learn more about Crayon Collection behind the scenes.

Kids worked hard to fill as many Crayon Collection Pouches as they could with an assortment of 10 rainbow crayons and handwritten notes of kindness with very positive and uplifting messages or cute and fun drawings. Some groups were able to pack close to a hundred Crayon Collection Pouches in an hour! All the Crayon Pouches assembled during the “Playdates with a Purpose” are donated to local vulnerable schools.

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