13 October 2018

WCC Children’s Arts Festival

Crayon Collection was recently introduced to the Westside Children’s Center through Westfield during our event planning for the 1 Million Crayon Drive and Exhibit. Through Westfield we learned that Westside Children’s Center would love crayon donations. After discussing the needs of WCC, Crayon Collection visited the Center and donated 70 packs of brand new Crayola Crayons that we collected as part of our charity’s 1 Million Crayon Drive.

We loved the work of Westside Children’s Center and wanted to stay involved. Our friends there invited us to participate in their 25th Annual Children’s Arts Festival. We were so excited to join in on the art!

There were loads of art booths for painting, coloring, and crafts. There was also a beautiful lunch for the families and a stage where there was music and entertainment. We were stationed at our Crayon Collection Table.

During the Children’s Arts Festival we donated Crayon Collection Pouches filled with upcycled crayons and notes of kindness. We also brought our Crayon Collection artist conceived project “Alphabet Soup” which the children really enjoyed!

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