Become a Crayon Collector

Did you know that Crayon Collection started when Crayon Collection President and Founder, Sheila Morovati, was out at a restaurant with her daughter? Sheila thought, why are crayons being brought to kids at restaurants for one use, and then being thrown away? She started Crayon Collection to make sure organizations who give out new packs of crayons to kids, such as restaurants, hotels, and community centers, do not throw away crayons after one use! Instead, these organizations can collect their crayons in a Crayon Collection Box to have the crayons picked up by a local school in need!

Now it’s your turn! When you are out at a restaurant that gives out crayons, ask them where those crayons go! Tell them about Crayon Collection! As a Crayon Collection Ambassador, you can connect with restaurants, hotels, community centers, and business to make sure crayons end up in the hands of kids rather than in landfills.

Start your own Crayon Collection with these simple steps:

-Think of organizations near you that can participate

-Introduce yourself with your Crayon Collection Ambassador Card

-Tell them about the Crayon Recycling Program

-Get collecting!

-Match the crayon donors with a local Title 1 School or Head Start

-Donate crayons!