9 January 2019

Brentwood School

Brentwood School Los Angeles

Every year the 6th Grade Class of Brentwood School organizes an impactful and sustainable service learning project.  In 2019, Brentwood’s 6th Graders wanted to focus on environmental issues such as plastic straws. As Sheila Morovati, Crayon Collection Founder, spearheaded the plastic  straw and cutlery ban in Malibu, Sheila was invited in to discuss the environmental issues taken on by Crayon Collection and Habits of Waste.

Sheila began with a short video of Crayon Collection and discussed how crayons do not decompose. The 6th Graders were very intrigued in Habits of Waste and how they can be prevented, such as the cycle of collecting and redistributing would-have-been-trashed crayons.

The presentation then involved into a deeper discussion of the plastic straw and cutlery ban in Malibu as Sheila shared that every single person has the ability to make a difference. The talk continued to delve deep into ideas on how the 6th Grade class could change Habits of Waste at Brentwood School.

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