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June 21, 2021 – July 29, 2021


Need Crayons or FREE Art Programming?

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Need Crayons or FREE Art Programming?

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Getty Arts Access Program x Crayon Collection Art Education Program

Learn about works of art in an interactive

hour of discovery, art making and more.

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that were created by professional artists! All you need are CRAYONS AND PAPER!

Join our Color Kindness Challenge to give thanks to our frontline heroes!

All you need are CRAYONS AND PAPER!

A message from our founder regarding the importance of art during COVID-19

The Crayon Collection model is simple, but our impact is extraordinary.

By collecting gently-used crayons from kid-friendly restaurants and hotels we intervene in a cycle of waste that has existed for decades. This community-based collection effort supports the environment by redirecting still good crayons to teachers instead of landfills .


We save an extraordinary tool of expression, curiosity and learning — the crayon — from never decomposing in landfills, and redistribute them to local schools in need across the entire country.


Our program prevents millions of crayons from being discarded each year and instead repurposed for teachers and students, along with best in class resources to support art education.


At the heart of our work is a desire to create a global movement for change, a new “eco-normal” consciousness that is mindful of the environment and nearby communities in need.

Through the
simple act of
saving a crayon,
we successfully…

  • Reignite art programs in American schools
  • Engage a national audience to be stewards of their community and the environment
  • Create a new sustainability model

Get involved — you can help, too!
It’s easy to get started.

Collect crayons when you dine out and ask restaurants in your neighborhood to participate too. Even community members and classmates will join in by contributing their gently used crayons.

Collected crayons are donated to Head Start Centers and Title 1 elementary schools. These crayons are used to complete homework and are the main tool in our Art Education program.

Your generosity allows us to continue our programs to pair restaurants with schools, as well as supplement our partner schools with Art Education programming.

Shift the mindset of waste in our culture and help save millions of still good crayons get into the hands of children instead of never decomposing in our landfills. 

Our Programs

Kids need color. Provide them with something as simple as some crayons and some paper and you provide an outlet for them to explore their imagination, which is so important because for some kids that is all they have.

Kenny Scharf,

Happening Now

Crayon Colelction PSA

Produced by Motion Distillery, starring Blue Green. Very special thanks to the Creative Visions Foundation who was key to making this video possible.

Penguin Random House Partnership

Crayon Collection is THE partner charity of Penguin Random House for their international best selling children’s books, “The Day The Crayons Quit” and “The Day the Crayons Came Home.”

Hero of Color City

Watch our PSA at the end of the adorable children’s film by Magnolia Pictures called, “The Hero of Color City”. Special thanks to Owen Wilson, Christina Ricci and Jessica Capshaw for lending their voices to this video.

Teacher Testimonial from Jennifer Hansen

Teacher Jennifer Hansen talks about how Crayon Collection fuels children’s imaginations while saving the earth at the same time.

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