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Crayon Collection supports students academic success and social-emotional health through the infusion of art and sustainability into vulnerable Head Start and Title 1 classrooms across the United States and in 10 countries.
Dear Crayon Collection,

Thank you for coming to our classroom. I think you should go to different schools. Why? Because you guys help other kids, like my class, like messy art. I also really appreciate you guy's taking your time to teach us about creative art and portraits. Thank you for the drawing paper and crayons.

Evelin, Student

$25 a month

$25 a month

Allows us to pair 1 restaurant with 1 school, saving over 2,000 crayons that would have ended up in landfills.


$50 a month

Allows us to pair 1 restaurant with 1 school, as well as implement our Art Education Program.

$100 a month

$100 a month

Allows us to pair 2 restaurants with 2 schools while implementing our Art Education Program.


20 million+ crayons donated to date

Guinness World Record Holder (Most Crayons Donated in history)

Recognized by the US Senate, US House and Buckingham Palace

Donated over 40,000 crayons directly to more than 5,000 families during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Partnered with Microsoft, Hulu and Pandora to write notes of kindness and pack crayons for over 3,500 students across the US

Why Donate?

There is no limit to the amount of children we can serve together, but we need your financial support. Our sustainable model makes Crayon Collection incredibly effective and scalable.  Your support enables us to reignite Art Education Programming and send professional artists into classrooms to teach children. These art lessons are usually the first and only exposure to the arts that a child has experienced, opening a never ending world of creative possibilities.

Individual Donation

Crayon Collection has earned a GOLD rating on GuideStar and offers a variety of ways to support our mission:

Make a cash donation to support Crayon Collection programming in communities across America.

Double your cash donation through employer match programs. By submitting a donation match request to your employer, you can increase your Crayon Collection support. Talk to your employer to learn more.

Host a fundraising event at your home or business.

Launch a new partnership with Crayon Collection.

Start a Crayon Collection and support your local school.

Volunteer! Become a Crayon Collection Ambassador in your community.

Artists welcome! Join our Artist Inspiration and Artist Inspired Education initiatives to support arts programming in Los Angeles and beyond.

Corporate Donation

How your company can help us:

Provide a cash donation to underwrite our expenses for programming, collection operations, and events.

Provide an in-kind product donation such as crayons for our partner schools or art supplies for our events and initiatives.

Sponsor one of our prominent events or a social media/newsletter campaign.

Become a Crayon Collection Partner and collect/reallocate gently used crayons to a local classroom.

Become a collection site in your community for localized crayon drop-offs.

Support our Arts In Education, Crayon Collection and Reallocation, and Community Building Initiatives by offering in-kind services or programming (artists welcome!).

Host a regional or national in-store event to generate awareness for our work, collect crayons for local schools, and support fundraising efforts.

In return, we work closely with our sponsors and supporters to ensure brand visibility across all digital and print assets, as well as through our media networks, ensuring access to thousands of viewers, subscribers and social media followers.

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