does your school Need Crayons?

We can help!  Our initiative supports all Title 1 Schools and Head Start Centers nationwide!

Crayon Collection has a solution.

If your school is in need of crayons, we can help! You can start your own Crayon Collection by following the instructions here. If you know of a local family friendly restaurant, start by reaching out to the manager to see if they will start collecting crayons for you to pick up once per month. Most restaurants love to help their community and local schools!

There is no limit on how many kids and schools can be supported through the Crayon Collection sustainable crayon recycling model. Everyone benefits from the giving and receiving of resources in a localized and community driven effort.


Restaurants throw away over 150 million still-good crayons each year. These discarded crayons end up in landfills, where they never decompose.


Meanwhile, U.S. teachers in underserved public schools are spending an average of $900/year of their personal earnings on classroom supplies.