2 September 2018

Broad Fest

The Broad Fest took place at the Eli and Edith Broad Stage in Santa Monica. The Broad Fest had many fun booths for families, including a t-shirt making booth, a mosaic making station, food trucks, and an ice-cream booth. There was also a stage used for many exciting and beautiful music performances from around the world.

Crayon Collection had our own charity booth. At the Crayon Collection charity booth attendees learned how to get involve and donate. We discussed with parents and kids how they can start their own Crayon Collection’s at their well-served schools and be paired with a vulnerable school only 5 miles away. We met so many art lovers who were excited about our work and eager to support us!

We also used our booth to collect crayons as the Broad Fest sent out an email ahead of time saying we would accept donations. Many attendees brought crayons to donate at the event! We loved receiving donations of little crayon bundles from kids who were so kind to donate crayons they no longer needed.

In addition to collecting crayons, the Crayon Collection charity booth had crayon packing and kindness note writing. Children at the Broad Fest happily colored notes of kindness as part of Crayon Collection’s Color Kindness Program. Over 50 pouches were created to be donated to a local vulnerable school!

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