30 November 2018


Crossroads School

Crossroads was very excited to start a school-wide year-long Crayon Collection. On November 30, 2018 the Crayon Collection Team joined all the teachers, parents, and children for the Crossroads school assembly to start off the morning. The children all filed in excited to start the day and see all their friends from different classes. Parents gathered in the back to keep up to date on all school news.

The assembly began with a wonderfully adorable tap dance performance by a small group of students in a tap dance class. The auditorium filled with music, smiles, and applause. Then, the Crayon Collection video began to play of the charity’s 1 Million Crayon Collection Drive in which they donated over 1 Million Crayons to LAUSD and Head Start Teachers. All the teachers and children cheered along with Crayon Collection as they watched the video of the fun event.

Then, a member of the Crayon Collection team introduced, Sheila, the Crayon Collection Founder and President. Sheila shared the goal of Crayon Collection in collecting would-have-been-trashed crayons from restaurants and well served communities to redistribute to vulnerable schools within a 5 mile radius. She even expanded upon other habits of waste and got every child in the auditorium fully engaged. The assembly ended with a school thank you song sung to the Crayon Collection Team. Crayon Collection is thrilled that Crossroads is a proud partner and that they have a Crayon Collection Box to donate gently used crayons from their students, families, and classrooms.

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