7 January 2019

Greenburg Traurig Law

Greenburg Traurig Law Firm

Crayon Collection worked with partner Greenburg Traurig Law to set up Crayon Collection Boxes in their building. After collecting all their crayons, the Greenburg team was excited to host a Crayon Collection Color Kindness Lunch, in which Greenburg employees could pack all the donated crayons into Crayon Collection Pouches along with a note of kindness.

The team sorted all of their crayons into different boxes by colors. They also printed out very cute notes that said “Your Life Matters!” Then they set up the table with the Crayon Collection Pouches so everyone could work together to assemble the pouches to be donated.

Many Greenburg employees attended the packing day and enjoyed working together to help their local community. Everyone discussed Crayon Collection as they ate pizza and celebrated the successful afternoon of packing over 300 Crayon Collection Pouches. All pouches from Greenburg are donated to local Los Angeles schools near the Greenburg community.

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