Our Mission

Crayon Collection focuses on using the collection and reallocation of crayons to create a social shift from a culture of international wastefulness to a mindful culture within communities that is supportive of teachers and students, art education and the environment.

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It's more than just a crayon. At Crayon Collection, we see the crayon as an opening to conversations and actions surrounding social behavior and change, art education, environmental awareness, community symbiosis, as well as a solution to budget cuts in education and the arts, personal spending by teachers, and a cultural mindset of wastefulness. One simple crayon. One big shift.

In this simple act of reallocating crayon resources, we tie-in not only art and creative capacities, but also an awareness of recycling, re-using, and reducing waste that is so prominent in our culture. Preschools, HeadStart centers and Title1 schools connect with their local restaurant Crayon Collection partner and the relationship is born.


Green Efforts

Crayon Collection also affords us a chance to instill an eco-conscious mindset within our children. We feel children should learn not only the advantages of recycling, but also of re-using items and reducing the great deal of waste in our culture. Saving crayons is a simple lesson, but it generates many relatable experiences for our kids.

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Arts Education

Crayon Collection is partnering with artist volunteers who work with children to provide a curriculum of art education using reallocated crayons. The artist rotates every few months, giving children access to a wide variety of art expression. The curriculum will take crayons to another level beyond just coloring.

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what's happening now

Kenny Scharf, Artist

Kenny ScharfKids need color. Provide them with something as simple as some crayons and some paper and you provide an outlet for them to explore their imagination which is so important because for some kids thats all they have.