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Jean Michel Basquiat

Crayons and Basquiat

“I like kids’ work more than work by real artists any day” Jean-Michel Basquiat The Crayon Collection Artist Inspiration Series partners with artist volunteers who work with children to provide a curriculum of art education using reallocated crayons. The curricula takes crayons beyond just coloring. Recently, we took a trip with artist Alexander S White … Read more Crayons and Basquiat

A mother's voice

A Mother’s Voice

This email is dedicated to all the Mother’s out there who are raising our future leaders, change-makers, activists, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police officers, and more… Most mornings our home feels like the start of a horse race. I sometimes find myself humming Rossini’s William Tell da bum ba da bum ba da bum bum bum.. and reminding … Read more A Mother’s Voice