A Mother’s Voice

A mother's voice

This email is dedicated to all the Mother’s out there who are raising our future leaders, change-makers, activists, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police officers, and more…

Most mornings our home feels like the start of a horse race. I sometimes find myself humming Rossini’s William Tell Overture..ba da bum ba da bum ba da bum bum bum.. and reminding myself to be present, just be present. Oh, those mantra’s are really good and helpful but the clock keeps ticking and we have so many things to get done in that first hour of the day.

Then, when I have a minute to breathe again and the “Overture” starts quieting down I am back to my day job, which is strategizing ways to change the things I see in the world that don’t make sense to me, such as: 4 million kids not having art education, or underpaid teachers paying $900 of their personal earnings for their own classroom supplies, or kids in well-served communities believing that it’s normal to go to a restaurant and receive 4 new crayons that they barely use & just leave behind without a second thought, OR the 500,000,000/day plastic straws we use in the US that are choking our oceans.

The truth is I naively yet seriously believe that I can change all of these issues. This belief comes from my mother. She is who has planted the seed in my mind that there is absolutely nothing that can stop me except myself. She has convinced me that the possibilities are endless if I believe in my own ability and visualize the result I hope to achieve. Here’s my “if I had a penny”… If I had a penny for every time my mom said, YOU CAN DO IT or DON’T BE AFRAID or BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  She is the reason I took a huge leap of faith and started Crayon Collection, or went to the City of Malibu with the idea to ban plastic straws and still work with more cities with the same mission. My mom never nourished the normal fear of failure we all inherently have.  Instead, she would encourage me with, “what’s the worst thing that could happen…they say no”.

Today, there is no mountain too big or obstacle too difficult for us to overcome. We just keep moving forward with the belief that we can do it and that we will do it.

To all the Mother’s out there, while the daily happenings of our lives may fog the power we have within us please know that your voice IS being recorded in your child’s mind and they play it back over and over throughout their lifetime. Your voice is the beginnings of what your children believe. The seeds you plant in their minds will parlay into the future leaders of our planet, our society, our culture. Thank you for all you do each and every minute of the day.

With sincere respect and admiration,

Sheila Morovati


A mother's voice