About Last Night…Malibu Bans Plastic Straws!

Malibu bans plastic straws


February 12, 2018 at 10:45pm history was made. The City of Malibu passed a ban on all plastic straws, plastic cutlery and plastic stirrers. This ban will take effect June 2018 and we are so proud to have been a part of it.

It all started last March when I placed a call to Casey Zweig, the Environmental Programs Director of the city of Malibu to try and find a solution to reduce the 500,000,000 plastic straws used and discarded EVERYDAY in the US. Our conversation ended with the understanding that while this was very important, it was challenging to get restaurants to comply without an official ban by the city. The seed of activism was planted! Read on to see how we participated and how you can help too!

Malibu bans plastic straws

“Crayon Collection played an integral role in moving the City of Malibu closer to a single-use plastic straw, stirrer and cutlery ban. Sheila’s leadership in organizing the “STRAWS” documentary film screening and panel discussion in partnership with the City of Malibu catalyzed the City Council and the community to charge forward on this issue. Sheila has an innate ability to inspire people to make a change for the better, whether it’s one straw or one crayon at a time. These collective actions add up, and we will see the full effect of these individual actions when an entire city chooses to protect our beloved coastline from plastic pollution.

Casey Zweig
Environmental Programs Coordinator I City of Malibu

I saw an opportunity when the executive producer of “STRAWS”, Andrea Aaria Davoe, invited me to co-host a screening of the documentary film by Linda Booker. Instead of screening the film in a theater I thought it would be the perfect time to go back to the city of Malibu and it’s the sustainability team with a plan. So last September, we signed up for public comment at Malibu City Hall and made a request to City Council to partner with Crayon Collection in screening the film together. On November 30, 2017 we had a full house at Malibu City Hall where we screened the film and educated the community on why straws are oh-so-bad. We hoped that this would get us closer to the next step for the city to create a new ordinance banning single-use plastic straws. It worked!

Malibu bans plastic straws

Malibu bans plastic straws

After our sold out screening we hoped an ordinance to ban plastic straws would be written up. However, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the ordinance not only banned single-use plastic straws, but also banned all plastic cutlery and plastic stirrers! Last night was the big night where the mayor and City Council members voted unanimously to ban all the aforementioned items! We were thrilled!

The best part of the night for me was to stand up in front of the entire City Council with my son and my daughter and hear them speak up for what they also believed. They handled themselves better than I would have expected and they felt so empowered and so strong as they shared their experiences doing multiple beach clean-ups for Heal the Bay.

While I normally speak easily in public, this time my emotions as a mother got the best of me and I could hear my voice cracking so I passed the microphone to Sofia while I composed myself and continued after!

Malibu bans plastic straws

Although the kids were so tired and the night went on much longer than expected they were did effect change. Of course, the M&M’s that the former mayor shared with them was helpful to get us through the 4 hour evening!

At Crayon Collection always say – NEVER underestimate the power of a child. They are the ultimate change makers! The kids asked me afterwards, “Mommy, which city are we going to ban straws in next?” #proudparent

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